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What is Big Tent Mentality?

Big Tent Mentality ensures inclusivity in fintech investments and allows credit unions of diverse asset sizes
to leverage new cutting-edge technology.

with Envisant


This groundbreaking partnership between Curql and Envisant opens doors for credit unions with assets between $100 million and $1 billion to jointly invest in transformative fintech. This collaboration meets the rising need for these credit unions to leverage advanced technologies and stay competitive in a sector increasingly dominated by large banks and tech conglomerates. 

By facilitating collective investment, this initiative empowers credit unions within this asset range to take ownership in the fintech ecosystem, broadening their access to extensive product and service discounts and enhancing their ability to offer superior services to their member at a lower investment amount.

  Benefits for CUs $100M-$1B in Assets

• Tap into emerging fintech

• Ability to compete in a fast-changing environment

• Access to strategic technology solutions

• Favorable product and subscription pricing

• A voice in fintech companies and product direction 

• Knowledge sharing

• De-risking CUSO investments

• Needed regulatory evolution

• Vetted fintech

• Collaborate with like-minded individuals pushing the CU mission forward

Industry Buzz


"Envisant and Curql Fund created an investment diversification strategy with incredible potential for small to mid-size credit unions to engage at a lower investment amount."

Tom Kane, CEO of Envisant

“It’s a strategic step forward in leveling the playing field and giving credit unions big and small a voice in the future of how credit unions collaborate with each other and how fintech collaborates with the industry.” 

Nick Evens, CEO of Curql 

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